The Federation has negotiated three MOUs in 2020 related to the safety and working conditions of our members, colleagues, and students. See our Contract page for these and other MOUs. The Federation is very concerned about the health and safety of the members of the El Camino College community. If you identify unsafe working conditions, please let us know.

Free Trauma Counseling for Federation members (who are also CFT/AFT members):

The new trauma counseling program is available to AFT members free of charge, in the one-year aftermath of a covered traumatic incident. You are covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if your incident involves any of the following: domestic violence, aggravated assault, sexual assault, mass shooting, terrorism, or if you are infected, injured or traumatized by a disease during a major disaster. Coverage also includes incidents in your place of work if you are traumatized by contracting an infectious disease, witnessing a violent incident, bullying, harassment, threats or secondary traumas.

Here are some useful websites and documents:

California guidelines and resources:

California Higher Education guidance for COVID:

Here is the Winter/Spring 2021 COVID MOU: 2021 Spring COVID MOU


  • Safety
  • Do I have to return to campus to work?
    If you are asked to return to campus and you believe that you or someone in your household is vulnerable to illness resulting from contracting the virus that causes COVID-19, this MOU provides a process for working with HR for accommodations (Paragraph 10 of new MOU).
  • Teaching
  • What about my class format and delivery?
    Faculty must inform their Dean/Director by November 13, 2020 of their desired course format for the SP21 semester. Faculty who are not DE certified can teach their courses in a synchronous (scheduled weekly meetings) format or a flexible (asynchronously with scheduled exams, discussions, etc.) format. In the flexible format, you must inform your dean the days and times you will hold required class sessions. Please read more about your options in the MOU and make sure you inform your dean by the November 13, 2020 deadline (Paragraph 1 of new MOU).
  • Employment
  • How do evaluations work in 2020/2021?
    The MOU has a process for probationary tenure-track faculty and part-time faculty evaluations to proceed in the SP21 semester. This evaluations process will allow probationary tenure-track faculty to make progress towards tenure and part-time faculty to earn credit for the rehire priority list. Full-time faculty evaluations will resume in the FA21 semester per the last COVID MOU (Paragraph 14 of new MOU).
  • Do I get paid anything to become DE certified?
    Stipends of $650 will continue to be disbursed to faculty who complete DE certification (such as SPOCK) through December 17, 2021 (Paragraph 2 of new MOU).
  • Other questions?
    Drop us a note at