The way that you submit your grades may have changed in the SP22 semester. This tutorial will cover how to manually enter final course letter grades and submit them to Colleague.

Step 1: Log into MyECC

Go to and enter your login credentials. Alternatively, you can go straight to the Canvas login page (found here: and log directly into Canvas. If you log directly into Canvas, skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Open the Grading tab

On the left navigation pane of MyECC, select Webadvisor for Faculty > Faculty Information > Grading. This selection should take you to your Canvas site or login page. Log in if you aren’t logged in already.

Step 3: Navigate to Submit Grades to Colleague

Once logged into Canvas, click on the Courses button on the left navigation pane. Select the course for which you’d like to enter grades. 

Once in that course’s shell, scroll down in the course navigation pane on the left (the pane with the blue links and “Home” at the top) to locate and select Submit Grades to Colleague.

Step 4: Enter grades

At this point, you should see a grading setup that looks very similar to how Webadvisor looked. Click on the Final tab to input final grades. 

From that tab, enter final letter grades in the Final Grade field. 

When you’re finished, click Submit at the bottom. You should get a grade submission confirmation by email if everything worked correctly.