Link to 2023 Contract Negotiations Page (last updated 8/23/23)

We will building out the data page and talking points until we get the contract we deserve!

2022/2023 Salary Schedules

  • Cerritos College full-time salary schedule
  • Cerritos College part-time salary schedule
  • Riverside College full-time salary schedule
  • Riverside College part-time salary schedule
  • What would you do?
  • At the bargaining table, we ask, how can other districts pay competitive salaries?

El Camino College budget

  • 2022/2023 El Camino College Approved Budget
  • CFT Budget Analysis of Trends and Patterns at ECC

Health Care Chart

  • Cerritos and El Camino College comparison
  • At the bargaining table, we have repeatedly asked the District to explain why other districts provide more competitive health care plans while we do not.