What Is EDI Professional Development?

Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) based professional development (PD) is simply PD time that faculty spend on activities or trainings based in equity, diversity, or inclusion based topics. EDI trainings, events, and opportunities offered through El Camino will bear a note indicating that they are EDI trainings in announcements about the trainings and on Cornerstone.

Am I Required To Do EDI Professional Development as a Faculty Member?

Yes, if you are a faculty member, whether full-time or part-time, you are required to complete a prescribed amount of EDI PD each academic year or semester. The Federation recommends familiarizing yourself with the short EDI PD Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was negotiated over Summer 2021 to fully understand the intent and requirements. However, the most important elements are outlined below based on employee classification.

EDI PD Requirements for full-time faculty members are as follows:
  • You’re required to complete 4 hours of EDI PD each academic year.
  • These hours count toward the 24 total hours of PD required each academic year.
  • If you complete your 24 total hours of PD in an academic year, including all mandatory Professional Development Day hours, but do not complete your EDI PD requirement (4 hours), there is no penalty to your pay.
EDI PD Requirements for part-time faculty members are as follows:
  • You are required to complete 2 hours of EDI PD each semester.
  • These hours are paid hours with a rate of the appropriate lecture step from appendix D-1 in our collective bargaining agreement.
  • You may complete up to two paid hours of EDI PD even if your load does not otherwise permit you to be paid for that number of hours (i.e. you are teaching fewer than 4 units that term).
  • If your teaching load permits more than 2 paid PD hours, you will be paid for all of the hours for which you’re permitted to be paid based on our collective bargaining agreement regardless of whether or not those hours are EDI PD.
  • There is no penalty to your pay if you do not complete any of the paid PD hours available to you.

How Can I Complete My Required Hours?

EDI PD hours can be completed just like any other PD hours. You may attend trainings or events through ECC that are listed as qualifying for EDI PD, go to external EDI trainings and submit them through Cornerstone, or do self-directed activities that qualify as EDI PD under the Academic Senate’s PD matrix. If you have inquiries about completion of these hours, please contact the Academic Senate’s Faculty Development Committee or Professional Development for help.

How Are My EDI PD Hours Tracked?

Your EDI PD hours are tracked alongside the rest of your PD hours. Professional Development handles the tracking and most of the Cornerstone work. Your Division Dean is also responsible for approving trainings that you submit through Cornerstone. If you have questions about how many hours have been recorded or about the accounting, Professional Development or your Division Dean should be able to assist you.

Where Did This Requirement Come From?

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the El Camino College Academic Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution instituting a requirement for faculty to complete a prescribed amount EDI PD each term. The intent was to meet El Camino College at its stated mission of addressing issues regarding and surrounding equity on campus. Since the resolution would technically change labor conditions for faculty, a team was formed with Federation and Senate representation to negotiate with the District to agree on an MOU to outline what the requirements would be. During the Summer of 2021, the Federation, Senate, and District reached an agreement that institutes the above requirements, provides extra paid PD hours to some part-time faculty, and has no penalties for non-completion of the hours.