• How do I get in the part time hiring pool?
        Contact the specific division or program you want to teach in and see when they are accepting applications next.
      • How often am I evaluated?
        You will be evaluated twice in your first two years of employment as a part time faculty member.
      • Do I have a choice in the courses I teach?
        Those decisions are made by the dean of the division.
      • Other questions?
        Drop us a note at federation@elcamino.edu


      • Do I have health insurance?
        The District does not currently offer part time faculty access to health insurance.
      • Is there a way for me to get dental and vision?
        Not yet. The District has opposed expanding coverage to part time faculty.
      • How does the semester health care stipend work?
        You must turn in your teaching paperwork (book orders, grades, etc.) on time.