COPE Membership and Funds

      • How do I join the COPE or change my monthly deduction?
        Just fill out the online membership form on the 1388 website and click the COPE dues check off box and select the amount.
      • If I am a member of AFT 1388, am I member of the COPE?
        You are only a member of the COPE if you have a monthly COPE deduction taken out of your paycheck.
      • How do I know if I am a member the COPE?
        If your paystub has an “AFT COPE” deduction, you are a member. This will also show your monthly COPE contribution.
      • Do I have to be a member of the COPE?
        No, you do not have to be a member of the COPE.
      • Does the COPE use any AFT 1388 dues for political activities?
        Regular 1388 union member dues are not used for the COPE–there is a distinct separation of Federation funds and duties from the COPE funds and expenses.
      • Other COPE questions?
        Drop us a note at

COPE in Action

      • How do we make the COPE as effective as possible?
        As with many organizations, the more people who are actively involved and engaged, the more power we will have.
      • How does the COPE make decisions about spending funds and selecting candidates and campaigns to endorse?
        The COPE members vote on the candidates and campaigns to support. For the COPE Constitution and By-Laws, click here.
      • Does the COPE only work on ECC BOT elections?
        The COPE can work on all things legislative, including lobbying, and sometimes we will endorse political candidates. In general, we will keep our work to local races and statewide education-related ballot measures.
      • How do I get involved?
        Send us an email and we will give you different options for helping out.