COPE Membership

      • How do I join COPE?
        Just fill out our COPE payroll deduction form and give it to the 1388 office.
      • If I am a member of AFT 1388, am I member of COPE?
        You are only a member of COPE if you have a monthly COPE deduction taken out of your paycheck.
      • Do I have to be a member of COPE?
        No, you do not have to be a member of COPE.
      • Does COPE use any AFT 1388 dues?
        Regular union member dues are not used for COPE–there is a distinct separation of Federation funds and duties and COPE funds and duties.
      • Other COPE questions?
        Drop us a note at

COPE in Action

      • How do we make COPE as effective as possible?
        As with many organizations, the more people who are actively involved and engaged, the more power we will have.
      • Do we only work on ECC BOT elections?
        No, we work on all things legislative, including lobbying, and sometimes we will endorse political candidates.
      • How do I get involved?
        Send us an email and we will give you different options for helping out.