Part-Time Faculty Paid Office Hours

CBA Language (Article 10, Section 9): Part-time instructional faculty who choose to offer office hours shall submit to the Dean/Associate Dean/Director a schedule of office hours prior to the start of the semester and shall maintain their office time schedule on campus, or at a designated workplace that is mutually agreeable to the part-time faculty member and the Dean/Associate Dean/Director. Approved office hours shall be included on the syllabus. Part-time faculty office hours shall be compensated at the rate of one (1) hour for each 20% of lecture load or equivalent rounded down to the nearest whole hour, up to a maximum of three (3) paid office hours per week. Office hours shall be payable at the Appendix D-1, Lecture, Step 1 rate.

A part-time faculty member may:

  • Choose to hold office hours and be paid hourly at the Appendix D-1, Lecture, Step 1 rate according to the hours outlined in the chart below.
  • Choose to hold more office hours than listed on the chart, but only be paid for the maximum hours on the chart.
  • Choose to hold fewer than the maximum hours and be paid for those hours.
  • Choose to hold no office hours.

Maximum Paid Office Hours Based on Load

  Section UnitsMaximum Paid Office Hours per Week (16-week classes)Maximum Paid Office Hours per Week (8-week classes)
Lecture or Lab-Lecture with parity   
1 unitN/AN/A
2 unitsN/AN/A
3 units1 hour2 hours
6 units2 hours4 hours
Labs without parity  
Less than 3 unitsN/AN/A
4 units1 hour2 hours

Samples:  If you are teaching two 3-unit 16-week sections and one 3-unit 2nd 8-week section, you may offer 2 paid office hours for the first 8 weeks and a combined total of 4 office hours for the second 8 weeks. Labs without parity can be combined with lecture or labs with parity, or both, to hit the 20% load and be eligible for paid office hours.

To be paid for the office hours, a PT faculty member must:

  • Email their office hours (days and times) and location to their Dean/Associate Dean/Director before the start of the semester. If their class begins after the start the semester (a second 8 week class for example), email their office hours and location to their Dean/Associate/Director before the class begins.
  • Include their office hours and location in their syllabus (reminder: syllabi are due by end of second week of classes).
  • Office hours location/modality can reflect the modality of their course and labs.
  • PT faculty teaching dual-enrollment classes follow the above guidelines.
  • For OH Submission and Payment: The District will provide a formstack to PT faculty around week 8 and weeks 15/16 to submit approved office hours for payment. You can use one or both of these windows to submit your hours. Be sure to monitor your paystubs for payment (look for a “REG” code and the appropriate units/hourly rate on the paystub) and your bank statement for deposits.