We are the union and the more each of us who contribute our energy and ideas to the Federation, the stronger we will be both on campus and in the communities we serve. It is that simple. More member engagement equals more influence and power to shape the decisions that shape our working conditions and the learning conditions of our students. 

The direction of the Federation is driven by us, the members, and through the Federation committees and elected representatives. 

To learn more about our Executive Board, you can go to the Executive Board page and read our Constitution and ByLaws and the California Federation of Teachers Constitution. 

In every division, we have division representatives. Our division representatives serve at the down-the-hallway level. Division representatives are the first person you should contact for grievances, sharing your thoughts about your union, and learning how to get more involved. 

We also have a number of committees that work on specific areas of the Federation needs, from communications and part time projects to organizing our colleagues. Why not explore our committees and see how you can lend a hand.

Or simply contact us and we will set up a call to discuss the ways you can be involved.