(Last updated: September 30, 2022, please scroll down for the latest updates):

Our current contract expires December 31, 2022. The 2023 contract negotiations with the District began on June 29, 2022. For negotiations, the Federation sunshined the following articles: 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 17, 20, 23, and Appendix B, C, and D. The District sunshined the following articles: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15, 20, 25, and Appendix A, B, D-4, J, and M-1. The full language of these articles can be found in our current contract.

The Federation’s negotiations team met with the District on June 29, 2022 to begin negotiations. This start date is almost four months earlier than the 2020 contract negotiations start date so we hope to have a ratified contract BEFORE our contract expires. We had hoped to have open negotiations, a style of negotiations that are transparent and open to observers, though the District rejected that kind of negotiations.

The Federation will update this page after bargaining sessions and when we have new information to share. We will send out general bargaining updates over the El Camino College faculty listerv. We typically send out more detailed updates to our member personal emails. If we do not have your personal email, and phone number, please send your name and that information to us at eccfederation@gmail.com

The Executive Board of the Federation hosts two kinds of regular meetings:

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS (All members are welcome!)
We have General Membership meetings on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6pm and on the 3rd Friday of the month at 11am
EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETINGS (Federation members only!)
All Federation members are welcome to join the Executive Board meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 6pm. You must be a Federation member to attend the Executive Board meetings. (Not a member? Join here, or update your contact info here.)


Meeting ID: 928 2779 3393

Passcode: 857830

We need everyone to be informed, engaged, and ready to take action. As we saw with the COLA reopener, member knowledge and engagement is crucial to strong contracts and better working conditions. Please get involved–we have lots of options to suit your interests and passions. You can get in touch with us at: eccfederation@gmail.com

September 30, 2022 Bargaining Update

The Federation’s bargaining team met with the District on September 23 and 29, 2022. We discussed the District’s proposals and counter proposals for Articles 8 (Hours and Conditions), 20 (Evaluations) and 22 (Grievances). The District also presented first proposals for Articles 9 (WInter/Summer Assignments) and 15 (Holidays).

We will be returning to the bargaining table on October 13, 2022. For us, we will be presenting proposals on the following articles: Article 8 (Hours and Conditions), Article 9 (WInter/Summer Assignments), Articles 11 and 12 (Paid/Unpaid Leaves), Article 15 (Holidays), Article 20 (Evaluations), 22 (Grievances), Article 23 (Work Stoppage), and Appendix A (Job Description) and Appendix M-1 (Full time Hiring).

September 15, 2022 Bargaining Update

The Federation’s bargaining team met with the District on September 15, 2022. Prior to that meeting, both sides had agreed to exchange first proposals of Article 8 and return to counter proposals on Articles 20 (Evaluations) and 22 (Grievances). The District did not have its Article 8 proposal ready. The District did present a counter proposal to our Article 22, agreeing to some of our suggestions and proposed new language as well. We will return to the table on September 23, 2022.

August 23rd and September 1 and 2, 2022 Bargaining Update

The Federation’s bargaining team met with the District on August 23rd and then the back-to-back dates of September 1 and 2. We exchanged another round of proposals for Article 6 (Classification of Faculty). We also made progress on Article 20 (Evaluations). The District offered a first proposal for Appendix A (Faculty Positions Descriptions) and Appendix M-1 (Full-time Faculty Hiring Procedures). While the Federation found many of the requirements proposed by the District to be somewhat vague in both of these proposals, there were some specific and notable requirements proposed. For instance, the District proposed that all FT faculty should be required to teach on high school campuses in the dual enrollment program if assigned by a supervisor. Additionally, their proposals for hiring committees reduced the weight of faculty input and expertise in hiring our colleagues while increasing the weight of the input from management and other non-faculty entities. 

The Federation proposed changes for Article 22 (Grievances) that we hope will improve the grievance process. We also proposed eliminating Article 23 (Work Stoppage) because the language restricts our basic civil rights far more than state law does. We are not aware of any other college that has a remotely similar work stoppage article. Many of the surrounding contracts don’t have any work stoppage language at all.

We will return to the table on Thursday, September 15, 2022. 

August 19, 2022 Update

We are pleased to report that by the conclusion of the August 19, 2022 contract negotiations session we reached a tentative agreement (TA) with the District on faculty sabbaticals (article 13). You can read the entirety of the new language here. The summary, however, is relatively straightforward. We’ve tentatively agreed to increase the number of sabbaticals by a full 50% (from 8 to 12) per year, which we hope will reduce the backlog/waiting time for those seeking to pursue sabbatical projects.

In addition to article 13, we discussed evaluations and classification of faculty, articles 20 and 6, respectively. Our next meeting with the District is August 22nd. We will continue our discussions of evaluations and classification of faculty members. Following those articles, we’ll discuss grievance procedures (article 22), and work stoppage (article 23).

August 15, 2022 Update

The Federation and District bargaining teams last met on August 10th to continue our discussions regarding faculty evaluations and sabbatical leaves (articles 20 and 13, respectively). While we have not reached agreement on either article, we’ve been making solid progress and using our time efficiently. Additionally, we’re happy to report that the District heard our needs for regular and frequent meetings so that we could complete these negotiations in a timely fashion. At our August 4th meeting, the District agreed to meet with us three more times in August (8/10, 8/19, 8/23). To our knowledge, the Federation has never been this far into negotiations this long before the expiration of our contract.

As our discussions of faculty evaluations (article 20) continue with the District, both sides generally agree that our evaluation process is cumbersome and the evaluation article is confusing. The Federation has proposed language to clarify instructions for evaluators to ensure evaluatees are not held liable for administrative errors and missed deadlines, to de-emphasize student surveys in determining the overall evaluation rating (they are well-known to be biased), and to clarify the requirements for evaluations of DE courses. The District has proposed, among other things, adding additional requirements to our evaluations and extending the administrative timeline for completing all steps of the evaluations even later into the semester.

Negotiations of sabbatical leaves (article 13) are proceeding simultaneously. The Federation is seeking to increase the number of sabbatical leaves. Currently, the wait for a faculty member from one sabbatical to the next is around 40 years if all eligible faculty apply. The District seems tentatively amenable to a small increase in the number of sabbaticals. 

Our next meeting with the District is August 19th. We will continue our discussions of evaluations and sabbaticals. Following those articles, we’ll discuss classification of faculty members (article 6), grievance procedures (article 22), and work stoppage (article 23). Since it is the District’s traditional and strongly-adhered-to position to negotiate “financial” articles after other articles, it may still be some time before we’re negotiating pay rates, salary, and healthcare benefits, but we will keep you posted as soon as those items are on the schedule.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us (email below) or come to one of our upcoming general membership meetings (below). To view all of our updates, see our negotiations update page at https://aft1388.org/2023-contract-negotiations/. Thanks for your time and engagement.

July 7, 2022 Update

The Federation’s bargaining team has begun negotiations for our next contract (our current one expires December 31st, 2022). We want to provide some context for this round of negotiations and a bargaining update.

First, for context, contract negotiations often move slowly at El Camino College. As a result, our contracts expire while negotiations continue. This means that faculty often lose out on months of improvements to benefits, working conditions, and compensation. Knowing this history, the Federation formally asked the District to start negotiations earlier than usual, in June, and field a District team that could meet with us on a weekly basis. The Federation also formally asked the District for open negotiations where our faculty, staff, and administrators could watch the bargaining as it happens. We believe that transparent, open negotiations would also help improve the process and college.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) did approve an earlier start and our first bargaining session with the District’s team was on Wednesday, June 29th. Additionally, our second session on July 5th was even shorter due to District meeting conflicts. We started with a discussion of ground rules–the rules that will govern what is permissible at our negotiating table–and it was immediately clear to the Federation team that our long-standing concerns are not being taken seriously by the District. The District stated that our request for open negotiations was unacceptable to them. They contended that open bargaining would hurt the process, broaden the voices at the table, and encourage grandstanding. It bears mentioning that none of the District’s team members have ever participated in open bargaining.

In previous negotiations, the District’s team had many scheduling limitations that delayed our negotiations, which is why we asked the BOT to send a bargaining team that is willing and able to meet weekly for our current round of negotiations. At both of our bargaining sessions so far, we have offered to meet weekly throughout the summer, including evenings, Fridays, sessions of more than four hours, and weekends. The District responded by proposing a total of only 3 dates total for July and August. For two of those dates, our principal negotiator is not able to attend half of the 4 hour sessions, as they’ll be teaching, which we shared with the District beforehand. The District’s reasons for selecting these dates were varied. For instance, one District team member will be unable to meet as they will be on vacation a good portion of July while other District team members indicated that they didn’t want to meet on Fridays.

The Federation is disappointed that the District did not take our meeting frequency request seriously and we are concerned that this will, in typical fashion, needlessly delay reaching a completed agreement for our members. We, however, remain committed to meeting weekly, or even more often, including Fridays, evenings, and weekends. The Federation and the District will resume negotiations over ground rules at our upcoming 3rd bargaining session on July 14th.

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