In November 2022, we have an opportunity to elect two of the five members of the BOT. This BOT will give direction to the college and the District’s bargaining team in 2022. As we learned in the 2020 negotiations, the BOTs are very important.

Our BOT are elected area by area (see below for maps). There are five areas total and voters in each area elect their Trustee every four years.

Our COPE will be active in the 2022 BOT elections. The more of us who are involved, the stronger our campaigns will be. 

*DISCLAIMER: El Camino College Federation of Teachers, COPE, FPPC #782214, did not build any candidates’ websites or fund the events associated with their campaigns.  

BOT 2022 Election Timeline

  • 2021: Develop the COPE membership and strategies for the 2022 BOT elections
  • May-June 2022 conduct interviews with BOT candidates
  • June-November 2022 dedicated to building out our campaign and getting out the vote
  • November 3, 2022 election

Current BOT

  • Ken Brown (term expires 2024, Area 1):
  • Trisha Murakawa (term expires 2024, Area 3):
  • Katherine Maschler (term expires 2024 Area 4):
  • Nilo Vega Michelin (term expires 2022, Area 2):
  • Clifford Numark (term expires 2022, Area 5):


ECC BOT District Maps

ECC BOT Webpage