At the October 19, 2020 BOT meeting, the Trustees approved the 2020-2022 Tentative agreement between the District and Federation. The new contract is in effect until December 31, 2022. We will post the new contract and relevant pages on our website once the final formatting is done.

For a summary of the proposed contract changes, you can refer to:

We cannot emphasize enough how this is not the contract we deserve. We will be back at the table in less than 2 years. With your help, we can be in a stronger position at the bargaining table next time. Please get involved and lend a hand. See the different committee options below. Have other ideas? We would love to hear them. 

There are two action items this fall that we wanted to tell you about. With the new contract, there will soon be a committee to review labs, studios, supplemental instruction classes, and other classes that are not paid hour for hour. Known as lecture-lab parity, any lab that requires extensive instruction can now go through a review process and be reclassified. Instead of getting 75% credit towards your teaching load per hour, you can get 1 for 1 credit if your application is approved. We encourage you to review your program course offerings and get your application in before the deadline. If you miss this year’s deadline, departments and programs can also submit applications in Fall 2021. The deadline for 2020/2021 is November 16th. Deadlines and application requirements can be found in Article 8, Section 5 and Appendix O of the new agreement.

The other pressing action item is a campus-wide push to reactivate Division Load committees. Division Load committees review the student course caps and course workload to ensure fairness. Here too there will be an application process, reviewed first at the Division level and then at the campus level. For many programs, this process of review has not happened in a long time even though the demands of our work have changed with technology and new policies. For example, we are now expected (even pre-pandemic) to be more available to students with email and, if you chose to use it, Canvas. Student caps for some classes were set in the days before the establishment of SLOs, but the new SLOs might require faculty to evaluate extensive writing assignments and teach critical thinking skills that they did not do in the past. If you have courses in this category, you can make an appeal to lower your student course caps. 

In unity,

Your Executive Board

Part Time Committee

  • Focuses on improving part time working conditions
  • Co-chairs: Selene Torres, and Juli Wolfgram,

Grievance Committee

  • Handles grievances and trains grievance officers
  • Chair: John Baranski,

Committee on Political Education (COPE)

  • Focuses on BOT elections and legislation
  • Chair: Juli Wolfgram,

Membership Organizing

  • Works on member education and organizing
  • Chair: Hong Herrera Thomas,

Communications Committee

  • Handles website, social media, press releases
  • Co-chairs: Kelsey Iino, and John Baranski,

Contract Research Committee

  • Works on gathering data for contract negotiations and other union projects
  • Chair: Troy Moore,