From February 15-22, 2021, Federation members went to the electronic polls and voted 124 to 1 to approve a set of proposed amendments to our Constitution and By-Laws. For the one member who voted no, please get in touch with your Division Representative or Executive Board member to discuss your concerns with the changes. 

Although the general structure of the Federation has not changed, the amended language in the Constitution will impact Federation Executive Board Officer elections. Each officer serves a two-year term and is elected in odd or even years.

  1. President (Odd)
  2. Executive Vice President (Even)
  3. Part-Time Faculty Vice President (Annual)
  4. Treasurer (Even)
  5. Secretary (Odd)
  6. Chief Grievance (Even)
  7. Communications (Odd)
  8. Organizing (Even)

In Spring 2021 (an odd year), for example, we will field nominations for the President, PT Faculty VP, Secretary, and Communications officer positions and then hold elections towards the end of the spring term. If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, please get in touch with the Federation. 

If you have interest in helping the Federation without the demands of serving on the Executive Board, we have the following committees: research, PT Faculty, organizing, communications, and grievances. These committees are great opportunities to get more involved in the Federation and learn more about campus and state-wide issues related to our working conditions. To contact the chairs of these committees, you can go here

Speaking of committees, the Committee on Political Education (COPE) is undergoing its own restructuring in response to growing participation among COPE members and COPE’s success at the polls in 2020.  To learn more about COPE, you can go here

Lastly, many of the recent changes in the Federation are designed to build our power as union. It is hard to believe, but we will return to the negotiating table in less than eighteen months. Please join us as we collectively prepare for those negotiations.