The Federation’s Executive Board condemns discrimination, dehumanization, harassment, threats, attacks, and murders targeting Asians, Asian Americans, and people perceived as Asian.

We recognize that historical oppressive forces, xenophobia, and anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) sentiment, arising in part because of racist stereotypes found in our education, media, law enforcement, and statements by public figures, contribute to harmful rhetoric and deadly actions.

We also recognize that much of this behavior is part of a broader problem of white supremacy and misogyny in the United States. Asian hate crimes have increased by 114% in LA County in the last year. (LA Times). Victims of anti-AAPI hate crimes often experience gaslighting of their criminal complaints, remain unassisted by law enforcement and their communities, and live under duress. The sexaulization of AAPI womxn and the “Model Minority Myth” contribute to harmful stereotypes that hurt the AAPI community and need to be dismantled.

We must also be steadfast in our work to improve our hiring practices to employ and retain a body of both full and part-time faculty who are committed to equality and justice, and who reflect the composition of our community and the students we serve.

We are asking for advocacy, vigilance, and collaborative efforts to protect the AAPI community, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and all marginalized communities. The Federation joins the El Camino College, Statement Against Discrimination, “Thus, our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities stand with our Black, Latinx, Indigenous, First Nations, Sikh, Muslim, and LGBTQIA+ communities who experience the daily negative conditions produced by our systemic biases and institutional racism.”

We stand in solidarity with our AAPI students, faculty, staff members, and administrative colleagues. Therefore, we urge the documentation and investigation of all reported hate crimes in order to promote respect and protection of the AAPI community.

APALA Resource Guide on Anti-Asian Violence