The Federation is proud to announce that the Lab-Lecture Parity  memorandum of understanding (MOU)  has been ratified by  99.5% of those who voted. Anonymous ballot voting opened 3/29/21 and closed 4/2/21.  The voter turnout was strong and we thank everyone who participated. The next step is for the Board of Trustees to vote to approve this MOU during the Tuesday April 19th meeting.

The Lab-Lecture Parity MOU takes effect Fall 2021. All 168 courses will be funded in perpetuity and no further application or negotiations will be necessary to sustain their designation and funding as extensive laboratory classes.  For a list of approved courses see page 3 and on of the Lab-Lecture Parity MOU document.  

If your course is not listed as an approved course and you would like to apply for consideration, you can find the application here.  Please submit your application by October 15th.  If you are unsure how this change will affect your load, you can use the formula in page 1 of the MOU document or this calculation guide on the AFT website (resource tab). For additional questions please send us an email at or